Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sock Summit Booth

Here are two photos of our booth at Sock Summit. In the first, my sister, Dianne, is working with a customer. On the left, you can see the Metlon reflective yarn. With the flash of the camera the reflection really shows up! Funny, because the scarf is woven with a Black tweedy chenille and you can hardly see the reflective yarn stripes in person. Pretty cool.

The second photo shows the cone yarn and some of the cloth bins with the Double Bambu. I didn't get a really good photo of the spool rack with all of the colors on it... it shows a bit in the first photo. Thinking that for next time, we might need more space, so that all of the bins can be on tables, and we can see more of the colors of the cone yarns-- we had cones 3 or 4 deep on the shelving.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit - Day one

Well- I say day one, and that really is because the marketplace opened to customers today. Some vendors set up their booths yesterday, and Lantern Moon sponsored a vendor party at The Kennedy School last night... so things are started.

First day. Moved our stuff into booth #307 between 11 and noon. Spent the afternoon setting up the booth. We are using basically the same layout as last time... with one less table, so more room for moving around. We are using the feet displays for my latest sock patterns, but not the other dress forms, etc. This way the focus is on the yarn and it shows. Nice colorful booth. I meant to take a photo. Will try and get one tomorrow.

Today Judy Sumner stopped by and signed her books that we have for sale. So they are autographed copies! Very cool.

While the marketplace was open, so many people stopped by its a bit of a blur. I hope we did well by everyone. For most of the time I was operating the booth solo. My sister had to go back into the office.

Tomorrow I hope to be there to help set the WORLD's RECORD in most people KNITTING at the SAME TIME. Should be very interesting!

I'm exhausted. But it was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sock Summit is HERE!

Ack! Its really time. I am still finishing writing up my sock patterns, and making sure I have enough other patterns printed. Luckily, we didn't have as much winding to do this time... tomorrow we actually move into the booth.

Today I went on over and registered, when it could be at a more leisurely pace. I did this around 3 and the place was nicely busy but not too croweded. Perfect.

Got a note from STC craft (we are carrying two of their books at our booth #307, "Knitted Socks East and West" and "Knitalong" both great books). They have a list of where they will be during Sock Summit here.

This is going to be so much fun! I even snagged a couple of sock displays (feet) from Portland Store Fixtures to round out our garment displays.