Sunday, November 25, 2007

Smalll group of PDX Knit Bloggers meetup

Well, I finally finshed knitting up the "Just Bamboo" Collared Blouse again (veryifying the instructions) so I finally had time to make it to another meetup.

It was a very nice couple of hours. Relaxed, good company and wonderful yarns to admire.

Kate brought her mother-in-law Donna, both shown in the first photo. Then they took a photo of Kathy and myself.

Then Donna took a photo of the three bloggers!

Someone else was having a birthday party there, so there were a lot of people hanging out and enjoying themselves on this long holiday weekend.

Donna is working on a black neck ring--very soft and I think she is almost done. Kate is working on a cap with a nice heathered alpaca and Kathy is working on a ribbed sweater (thats a sleeve she is holding up) which is also nice and soft, I am working on swatches for the CYCA Teaching program-- yes, I know, a glutton for swatching.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Ravelry and Holiday Bazaars

I've met a few friends now, went looking for people in the Portland area, and found some that I have met at conferences. So the list is growing. But I am spending more time on posting my patterns (finished except for the "Just Bamboo" blouse, which I am re-knitting first), and creating my list of books and projects.

It turns out Ravelry is a much better place to do what I said I would do in my blog heading-- document the knitting projects I've done over the years. So I am rather excited about that. I've put up my current WIP and posted one entry for an entrelac sweater I finished a couple of years ago. Now I want to photograph the old FOs and get as many as I can up there. I really do like the idea of looking back at old accomplishments every now and then.

Then I am really going to move into the stash. I have one of those true mountainous stashes, some in the studio, some in the home office, some in the bedroom closets, most in the attic over the garage... I really, really like the idea of having that documented so I don't forget what I have and so that I can have a true idea of what I can make out of each grouping.

There are so many great stash-buster projects, but that would be a waste (maybe/debatable) if I really have enough of one yarn to finish an entire garment.

Yesterday my sister and I went out (with my great-nephew) to a couple of Holiday Bazaars. It was great fun and I bought a lovely, truly lovely, batik large enough for a bedspread at one and at the other found Peggy McMullen of K2tog, the Oregon Live blog. She had some great stash for sale there nice wool that I was very tempted by, but having already just mentioned my stash here (and when I get it posted at Ravelry some of you will be able to see) that I just couldn't add to it right now... at any rate they also had some nice earrings (bought 2 pair) and I bought a cute organic cotton soap bag-- for all those little left-overs. A great idea.

We are planning on heading out Hillsboro way next weekend for more of the same!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ravelry ruminations

OK. I'm officially in. I've been in since Monday and work has been way too busy to allow me to fully explore Ravelry. I haven't even posted to the PDX knit bloggers that I made it in!

I did add to the patterns. Two of my designs. I will add more as I get the chance. And I may start chipping away at my stash... it could be interesting to see the list, but it may just take too much time.

I'm thinking first my patterns posted, then my projects.

The only thing I'm not liking so far is that the photos need to be square. So many of my photos are cropped and landscape. (wider than they are tall). Which basically means editing all the photos to be square before they can be posted.

For an example, take a look at the Aran Golf Cap on Ravelry (if you are a member) and you will see what I'm dealing with.

It is fun to take a look at what people are doing/talking about. And I know I will find more people out there to add to the friends list, and more blogs to read, etc.

Pretty amazing really.